Lowest operational costs in the industry Integral shredding assures efficacy Save $500,000 in red bag disposal Landfill Avoidance through bulk reduced steam treatment

The STI BioSAFE Commercial Medical Waste Treatment System

Chemical-free Medical Waste Treatment with proven steam technology, providing the lowest operating costs in the industry. 

Reliability Assures Maximum Return on Investment

Since its launch in 1995, STI BioSAFE products have operated under the most rigorous conditions in 24/7 commercial and medical waste treatment facilities worldwide.

Continuous feed improves operating efficiency and avoids batch-type autoclave function

  • Available on demand, ready to operate without heat-up time.
  • No post shredding required.
  • Integral shredding applies live steam impingement to the waste stream. Efficacy does not rely on conduction through bulk liquids (vacuum canisters) or insulated layers of bags or boxes.
  • Treated waste volume is reduced by up to 90%, producing a lightweight, inexpensive, solid municipal waste, minimal landfill impact and no soil, water or air pollution
  • Institutional liability is limited because the point of generation equals the point of treatment.

Vacuum and Gravity autoclaves were once thought to do a good job of treating medical waste until recently when it was discovered in California that bulk liquids like those contained in suction canisters were not being treated properly during the historic time, temperature and pressure cycles.
Featured Case History
STI BioSAFE system supplied to substantially lower operating costs and simplify compliance history with state and federal regulators.  The STI BioSAFE system utilized the same material handling means, and loading methods as the prior incinerator.